ZONER Antivirus Technology

A Smarter Antivirus System

Zoner Antivirus is a modern 64-bit multiplatform antivirus system developed for Windows, Linux and Android OS. The core/kernel? of Zoner AntiVirus is newly designed, high-performance, and can serve large corporate mail servers as well as desktop computers for home and business users.

Intelligent Threat Detection

Zoner AntiVirus kernel detection uses advanced heuristic features to detect threats. Heuristics detects suspicious files (and their startup behaviour) and also detects phishing attacks on users. The Zoner AntiVirus team focuses on developing heuristics instead of adding virus signatures, because using heuristics is more effective for detecting sophisticated masked vulnerabilities. An attacker can easily bypass signature detection, but the behaviour of the code tells the Zoner AntiVirus heuristic shield that it is malicious.

Protection Against New and Unknown Vulnerabilities

Zoner AntiVirus focuses on vulnerabilities from real internet traffic. A virus laboratory analyses samples from dozens of mail servers and analyses them for current threats with the help of smart heuristics.
Zoner AntiVirus (designed for desktops) is an ideal complement to antivirus protection integrated into the operation system (Windows OS). Because of its focus on Zero-day vulnerabilities, it detects current threats before their samples get into conventional large corporation antiviruses.

Zoner AntiVirus Protects Mail Servers webhosting relies on Zoner AntiVirus technology and uses it to protect its customers´ emails. You can find out more about mail protection against malware and phishing here.
By deploying antivirus protection on mail servers, the provider intercepts and blocks vulnerabilities while receiving mail, eliminating the vast majority of threats before they are delivered to users and endangering them. Viruses and malware will not reach the hosting users’ computer.

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ZONER AntiVirus 2.0 has been released

On June 25, 2020, a production version of ZONER AntiVirus has been released. After the public beta and public testing,…

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