Privacy Policy for Zoner Antivirus Products

Here you will find complete information about the privacy policy for Zoner antivirus products.

Zoner Antivirus Application for Android


Information we collect

Application update:
– version of the application and the virus database
– Android ID data – anonymous random 64b ID that does not change for the device user. These are not personal data (see the court decision from 2014 in the case of Ellis. Cartoon network) and therefore does not require approval of its provision.
Cloud messages function:
– Android system version and phone model
– language and country of the system (set by setting, not by location)
– Google Cloud Message ID – this is an ID generated by Google
Cloud scanner function:
– version of the application and the virus database
– Zoner account ID
– information on the scanned applications:
  • name (both the visible name of the application and the internal label),
  • application version
  • application hash
  • hash  .DEX of the file in the application
  • hash of key of the developer who signed the application
– random identifier generated by ZAV when installing the application
– phone setup status, specifically: USB debugging, whether debugging is enabled, permission to install non-Google apps


How we use the information

We use the information collected about the running of the application and the user strictly and for no other purpose but to develop and update the application. We do not process the information for our company’s marketing purposes.

We need your device’s Android ID to identify it; as mentioned above, it is not personal data.

The Cloud messages function allows us to send you a message that appears in the notifications. To do so, we need Google Cloud Message ID generated by Google.

Information about the up-to-date version of the application and the virus database’s version is used to confirm the need for the update.

Transmission of information to a third party

We do not share any user information or personal data with a third party. Should this happen, we would ask for a user’s prior consent to meet the legitimate reason for submitting information to a third party in accordance with the EU general data protection regulation 2016/679 known as GDPR.

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