A reliable antivirus suitable for schools and non-profit organizations

Zoner AntiVirus is a modern security solution suitable for schools, which reduces the cost of protecting computers. Antivirus protection is targeted at threats currently distributed over the Internet. Contact us for more licensing information.

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Perfect user protection

Zoner AntiVirus PC version focuses on Zero-day infection that truly circulate on the Internet. It is an ideal complement to antivirus protection that is a part of modern operating systems; it expands its detection capabilities and better protects your computer from current threats.

First class detection capabilities

Zoner AntiVirus's detection capabilities specifically target real Internet traffic. We focus on current threats and can immediately detect a significantly higher percentage of harmful files than a competitive solution with a delay.

Function of the Zoner AntiVirus application

Let us introduce the main benefits of Zoner AntiVirus for PC.

Zoner AntiVirus for PC is available for Windows 10 operating system. It expands the antiviral protection of the operating system by its own detection of Zero-day infection and viruses.

Protection against Zero-day vulnerabilities

The additional protection of ZONER AntiVirus extends the protection of the operating system from infection that is spreading right now. Based on the latest samples from real traffic, we can be the ones to block the infection.

ZAV pro Windows

On-access and on-demand scan

ZONER AntiVirus scans files downloaded from the Internet when they are downloaded or used (on-access scan) and can be run manually (on-demand scan).

How does it work?

ZONER AntiVirus Antivirus Protection complements the operating system’s protection and is more effective for the currently spreading infection than the conventional solution. Have a look at how it works.

Turn on scan and resident shield
Detection of vulnerabilities
Disease removal
Satisfied users

ZAV Technology

Zoner AntiVirus is a modern antivirus system developed for the Windows, Linux and Android operating systems. The ZAV core is robustly designed, high-performance, and can handle both of big corporations’ large-scale mail servers and both home and business users’ work computers.

  • Signature-based detection
  • Dynamic code emulation
  • Dynamic and static heuristic analysis
  • Run-time heuristic analysis
  • Targeted and generic decryptors
  • Decompressors of archive formats
  • Regular updates


Zoner AntiVirus takes samples from real business traffic and therefore knows the current threats. It currently checks millions (quotes) of email messages a month. Detection works with a high success rate close to 100%. As a result, it helps you capture the current spread of the disease before regular antiviruses.

Servers 111 News Monthly 50 mil. Infection Rate 0.19% Success rate 99 %

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Are you a school and are you interested in securing your users? Please fill out our contact form and write us the expected number of users.


ZAV license for one user (PC) costs 10 USD per year.


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    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers in Zoner AntiVirus Home Products and how they work. If you do not find an answer here, feel free to use the contact form.

    Zoner AntiVirus is capable of running on any x86 processor with MMX support. However, for emulation of programs using a newer instruction set, SSEx instruction support is also required.

    ZONER AntiVirus for desktop is compatible with Windows 10. We are developing ZONER AntiVirus for the Windows version which is supported by manufacturer. Older versions of the system are not supported by the manufacturer due to technical support being terminated.

    The server version of ZONER AntiVirus works on Linux OS, but is not free to download.

    The program supports the current of Windows operating system – Windows 10. Earlier versions of Windows (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1) have discontinuited technical support from the manufacturer and we do not guarantee support for these systems. Our program may run on them, but errors may occur.

    ZONER AntiVirus no longer uses license keys; you need to create a ZONER account to fully use the program. You will then log into the program with this ZONER account.

    Yes, of course. Collision with other antiviruses on Windows system is not known.

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