A reliable antivirus

Zoner AntiVirus is a modern security solution for all your devices. It provides modern antivirus protection for your computer and Android smartphone. Free, no limits, no ads.

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Antivirus solution for desktops

Zoner AntiVirus for PC is a product focused on Zero-day vulnerability. Its task is to complement the antivirus contained in the operating system (OS Windows) and focus on the currently spreading vulnerabilities that attack Internet users. It detects these up-to-date threats before they get into conventional antiviruses as samples.

Smart phone protection

Protect your smartphones with Zoner AntiVirus Free and Zoner Mobile Security. They provide antivirus protection, alert you to unsolicited application permissions on your phone, and many other features. Join millions of satisfied users.

Zoner AntiVirus application for Windows (beta):

Zoner AntiVirus application for Windows (beta)

The application is free and designed for Windows 10. The download is currently beta version so it may contain minor errors

Zoner AntiVirus for Windows focuses on detecting Zero-day vulnerabilities currently spreading across the Internet. It ideally complements system protection with security programs directly in Windows..

On-access and on-demand scan

ZAV for Windows scans files downloaded from the Internet when they are downloaded or used (on-access scan) and the scan can be run manually (on-demand scan)

ZAV pro Windows

Zero-day vulnerability protection

With our antivirus, you are protected against new threats currently spreading through the Internet.

Zoner AntiVirus Free for Android

The application is free and can be upgraded to a professional version Zoner Mobile Security, which also contains advert detection + backup and renewal via SMS or a call*.
*The backup can be used up to version 4.4; this and higher Android versions do not support the feature

Protection against Zero-day vulnerability

With our antivirus, you are protected against new threats currently spreading through the Internet.

Protection of installed applications

Checks applications, monitors their permissions, and protects you from unsolicited advertising*
* Advert Detection is a function in the paid version

ZAV pro Android

On-access and on-demand sken

ZAV for Android scans applications when they are used and can also be run manually

Secure messages

With ZAV application for Android, you can send messages to another user encrypted with your key. The communication will be safe.

How does it work?

Using Zoner Antivirus is easy and can be handled by any smartphone or PC owner.

Downloading the application to a phone or PC
Login to ZONER account and settings
Turn on the scan and resident shield
Non-stop protection without disturbing the user

The ZAV technology

Zoner AntiVirus is a modern antivirus system developed for the OS Windows, Linux and Android. The ZAV core is robustly designed, high-performance, and can handle both large-scale mail servers of big corporations and home and business desktop computers.

  • Signature-based detection
  • Dynamic code emulation
  • Dynamic and static heuristic analysis
  • Run-time heuristic analysis
  • Targeted and generic decryptors
  • Decompressors of archive formats
  • Regular updates

The success of Zoner AntiVirus for smart phones

The Zoner AntiVirus Free application and the paid version – Zoner Mobile Security – are used by millions of satisfied Android users. Join them and make your smart phone secure!

Price Free Requires Android 4.0 and higher Rating at Google Play 4.4/5 Installations 4 000 000+


Zoner Mobile Security images show a clear antivirus interface.

Protection against Zero-day vulnerabilities

With our antivirus, you are protected against new threats that are currently spreading through the Internet.

On-access and on-demand sken

ZAV for Android scans applications when they are being used (on-access scan) and can be run manually (on-demand scan)

Protection of installed applications

Antivirus checks your phone's apps, monitors their rights, and protects you from spam.

Secure messages

With the ZAV application for Android, you can send messages to other users encrypted with your key. The communication will be secure.

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Zoner AntiVirus is used by over 160 000 households!

Desktop (beta) Download forWindows 10

The application is currently in beta version and may contain minor errors.



Frequently Asked Questions and Answers in Zoner AntiVirus Home Products and how they work. If you do not find an answer here, feel free to use the contact form.

Zoner AntiVirus is capable of running on any x86 processor with MMX support. However, for emulation of programs using a newer instruction set, SSEx instruction support is also required.

Explicitní časové omezení není žádné, je pouze třeba brát v úvahu, že se jedná o BETA verzi, která může být kdykoliv nahrazena verzí ostrou a s ní i aktualizace.

There is no explicit time constraint, it is only necessary to understand that this is a BETA version, which can be replaced at any time with the final version and with same for updates.

ZONER AntiVirus for desktop is compatible with Windows 10. We are developing ZONER AntiVirus for the Windows version which is supported by manufacturer. Older versions of the system are not supported by the manufacturer due to technical support being terminated.

The server version of ZONER AntiVirus works on Linux OS, but is not free to download.

Program podporuje aktuální operační systém Windows 10. Dřívějším verzím Windows (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1) skončila ze strany výrobce technická podpora a my podporu pro tyto systémy negarantujeme. Náš program na nich možná poběží, ale mohou se objevit chyby.

The program supports the current of Windows operating system – Windows 10. Earlier versions of Windows (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1) have discontinuited technical support from the manufacturer and we do not guarantee support for these systems. Our program may run on them, but errors may occur.

ZONER AntiVirus no longer uses license keys; you need to create a ZONER account to fully use the program. You will then log into the program with this ZONER account.

Yes, of course. Collision with other antiviruses on Windows system is not known.

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