Reliable mail protection

Zoner AntiVirus for Email Server (ZAVES) is a modern security solution for mail servers. It protects your business from external infection typically spread by email. It focuses on detecting current threats that you may be downloading with emails to your mailbox.

The comparison of Zoner AntiVirus with the competition is based on traffic data.

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  • 93%
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Perfect user protection

Zoner AntiVirus for Mailserver focuses on Zero-day infection that is truly circulating on the Internet. We focus on current threats and can detect a significantly higher percentage of malicious files than our competitors.

Keep viruses completely away from your computer

Zoner AntiVirus for Mailserver will stop the load on delivery of a malicious email. That way, it never reaches the user.

ZAVES solution features

We introduce ZAV for E-mail server and its benefits for your business.

Detection of Zero-day vulnerabilities

The core of the ZAV antivirus for e-mail excels in detecting currently distributed vulnerabilities. It focuses on infections circulating in email right now, not on the detection of historical virus samples.

A wide database of samples

The ability to detect relies on samples obtained by checking millions of messages every day.

Cloud antivirus control

Detection of malware and viruses spread via email already takes place on the server before delivery. Therefore, they never reach the user.

The user is not disturbed by anything.

Users are not bothered by detecting and removing infections. They do not even know about the risks in their e-mail and they work happily.

How does it work?

ZONER AntiVirus e-mail antivirus protection is more effective than the current desktop solutions for a currently spreading infection. See how it works.

Checking a received e-mail
Detection of vulnerabilities
Removal of infection
Happy users

A complex mail service

ZAVES will provide not only a reliable anti-virus protection but a complex mail service as well. The antivirus works together with Z-mail, which is managed and developed by ZONER software within the CZECHIA.COM hosting. Tradition, experience and modern technologies, combined with antivirus control form a complex service. That is all you need for business.

  • Services which are always accessible and reliable
  • No need to worry about mail service administration
  • Uses DKIM and SPF technologies
  • Achieves the highest reputation of messages and delivery success
  • The professional SMTP service is included


ZAVES is a robust server solution for which no volume of messages is a problem. It currently checks millions (quotes) of email messages a month. Detection works with a high success rate close to 100%.

Mailboxes >1 mil. Monthly messages >50 mil. Million Infection Rate 0.19% Success 99 %

Use our professional and secure e-mail!

Zoner AntiVirus secures more than a million mailboxes!


ZAV license for one user (PC) costs 10 USD per year. Send us a request and join the users of our secure e-mail. Our dealer will contact you immediately.


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    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers in Zoner AntiVirus Home Products and how they work. If you do not find an answer here, feel free to use the contact form.

    ZAV usually supports all mail servers that support Amavis.

    Basically all distros should be compatible. When installing on a non-standard distribution, you only need to specify the path to the initialization scripts.

    Zoner AntiVirus is capable of running on any x86 processor with MMX support. However, for emulation of programs using a newer instruction set, SSEx instruction support is also required.

    In addition to Linux OS requirement, the product requires GLIBC library at least in version 2.4.

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