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The program core has a modern design, contains a state-of-the-art code emulator, and boasts a unique heuristic analyzer, designed precisely to meet the threats of today.

Zoner AntiVirus Online Scanner

We present the first version of Zoner AntiVirus Online Scanner. It is a simple free internet application giving the users a tool to protect their computers against viruses without the need to install any antivirus program.

Zoner AntiVirus Online Scanner is platform-independent Java WebStart application, you can run it either on Windows (Windows 2000 and newer) or on Linux. There is no requirement for a web browser.

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Zoner Antivirus

Zoner Sandbox

If you suspect that a file might be infected and you thus want to determine what a given program is doing, you can send a file for us to analyze. We will evaluate the given program's behavior and send you back detailed results.