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The program core has a modern design, contains a state-of-the-art code emulator, and boasts a unique heuristic analyzer, designed precisely to meet the threats of today.

Resources and Books

Characteristics and user experience with the Zoner AntiVirus product and issues concerning security and threats can be found in these resources.



Recommended books on security issues

Computer Viruses - Attack Analysis and Defense (in Czech)
Peter Szor (author), Zoner Press Publishing, ISBN 978-80-7413-081-6,
Electronic Edition Part I, Electronic Edition Part II

The purpose of this book about computer viruses is to demonstrate the current state of the field of computer viruses and antivirus development and teach you the methods of analysis of and protection against computer viruses. Author of the book, Peter Szor, describes in detail the techniques of infection by computer viruses from all possible angles - files, memory, and computer networks. You'll find lots of interesting things about the dirty tricks of computer viruses that have been created in the past two decades, by those on the other side, and also how to work with the complexity of the polymorphic code and exploits. The book covers almost all types of issues - from malicious code, description of the environment and the distribution methods of infection through virus defense strategy, advanced code development technology, exploits and attacks based on buffer overflows to virus defense techniques, memory scanning, worm blocking procedures or methods of defense at the network level, and many others.

Mastering Windows Vista/7 for System Administrators (in Czech)
Mark Minasi (author), Zoner Press Publishing, ISBN 978-80-7413-024-3,
Electronic Edition

This book provides everything a system operator needs to know about the security and technology in Windows Vista. The author of this book, Mark Minasi, is a renowned Windows expert. The book is primarily devoted to the important changes related to security and how the new features will affect the work of those who are responsible for integration and provide technical support for Windows, especially Windows Vista. Inside the book you'll find instructions, tips, and a lot of practical advice.
Thing to be pointed out:

  • Explanation and use-cases of new features in Windows Vista like logging in and executing tasks as an administrator,
  • virtualization - how it works and in which cases it does not,
  • working with files in the System32 folder as an administrator,
  • familiarization with the new features of post-boot security like Patch Guard,
  • protection of laptops with the innovative BitLocker technology,
  • problems with protection against viruses and other threats,
  • what is the Windows integrity mechanism and
  • modified Event Viewer, providing events and new tools for solving problems.

Google Hacking (in Czech)
Johnny Long (author), Zoner Press Publishing, ISBN 80-86815-31-5,
Paperback Edition

Are you the kind of curious people that need to know how to work with Google in such an atypical way to find the SQL injection and login portals, to perform port scans and CGI scans, to obtain fingerprints of the web sites, search for the awesome information from archives such as firewall and IDS logs, password databases, SQL dumps and many more? All of this without sending not a single packet to the desired target? You do? Then the book called Google Hacking is perfect for you. By reversing social engenering technique, which rogue "Google hackers" use, this book reveals to all the security workers (who are responsible for the company security) detailed procedures on how to properly protect the company's servers from this often overlooked and very dangerous kind of information leakage.

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