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The program core has a modern design, contains a state-of-the-art code emulator, and boasts a unique heuristic analyzer, designed precisely to meet the threats of today.

Zoner AntiVirus Online Scanner

Zoner Antivirus Online Scanner is a simple and free Internet service that gives users a tool to search various types of computer threats, without the need to have installed an antivirus program. Like Zoner Antivirus Online Scanner uses the advanced technology detect malicious software and works with the latest virus databases..

Notice: Due to the scanner currently being reworked, the online-scanner application is not available at this time.

Zoner Antivirus Online Scanner is multiplatform, so you can run both Windows environment, where podporavané systems are Windows 2000 level, and the Linux environment. They also are not tied to a particular Web client and the program runs in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

Zoner Antivirus Online Scanner is based on Java, so need to start Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE), from version 1.6 or higher. If you do not already installed you can download it directly to the website of Sun's (for various operating systems).

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If you suspect that a file might be infected and you thus want to determine what a given program is doing, you can send a file for us to analyze. We will evaluate the given program's behavior and send you back detailed results.