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The program core has a modern design, contains a state-of-the-art code emulator, and boasts a unique heuristic analyzer, designed precisely to meet the threats of today.

OEM Partnerships

Make your products and services sell better. Zoner AntiVirus is suited for OEM partnerships and useful for expanding your selection of products and services. Meanwhile, your customer will get more added value.

We recommend Zoner AntiVirus for Linux Mailservers to...
   server manufacturers and suppliers
   Web service providers
   systems integrators

If you wish to enter an OEM partnership with us, please contact our business department using this form and our business manager will respond immediately.

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Zoner Sandbox

If you suspect that a file might be infected and you thus want to determine what a given program is doing, you can send a file for us to analyze. We will evaluate the given program's behavior and send you back detailed results.