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The program core has a modern design, contains a state-of-the-art code emulator, and boasts a unique heuristic analyzer, designed precisely to meet the threats of today.

The Lab

For every anti-virus system, it is essential to be constantly in contact with the latest threats that are spreading among users. For this reason, our anti-virus system’s core contains support for detecting and analyzing still-unknown virus epidemics. Users can take part in improving the product through timely provision of dangerous samples, so that we can correspondingly update the anti-virus database as soon as possible.

Infected and suspicious files are sent to the lab over a secure channel and are compressed. Duplicates are thrown away rather than sent, so this feature is not a network overload risk during a major epidemic. The system overall gives us enough advance warning of approaching dangers to enable Zoner AntiVirus capable to react to threats on time. It also lets us keep an eye on any eventual errors in our system, so we can remove them faster than would occur without high-quality user feedback. This makes the whole system more stable and operational.

Send suspicious files to our virus lab via ZAV SandBox.

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Zoner Sandbox

If you suspect that a file might be infected and you thus want to determine what a given program is doing, you can send a file for us to analyze. We will evaluate the given program's behavior and send you back detailed results.