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The program core has a modern design, contains a state-of-the-art code emulator, and boasts a unique heuristic analyzer, designed precisely to meet the threats of today.

Zoner AntiVirus in media - year 2012

MAY 10 2012  Web Of Tech
"This best free android AV app is from ZONER Inc. Thanks to them for providing such a quality Antivirus solution for Android phones for free. It has some amazing features to protect your digital life on your Android."

APR 26 2012  AppsNuke
"8 Free Android Antivirus Apps. Zoner AntiVirus Free is a modern security and anti-virus solution for your device."

APR 18 2012  PC Advisor - review
"Zoner has continued to outperform the majority of mobile security apps with its most recent Zoner Antivirus. This app is definitely worth considering if you are looking to add extra protection to your Android device."

AVTEST - The Independent IT-Security Institute

MAR 13 2012  PC Magazine
"This group included two products not associated with PC-based antivirus vendors, Lookout Security & Antivirus and Zoner Antivirus Free."

MAR 9 2012
"How does your mobile malware protection rank? Using these products you don't have to worry about your malware protection."

MAR 8 2012  CNET Australia
"Avast, Lookout, Dr Web, Zoner, F-Secure, Ikarus and Kaspersky detected 90 per cent or more of the 618 types of malicious Android APK files that they were tested against. Lookout and Zoner are notable standouts because they are only available as mobile ..."

MAR 6 2012  Geek
"Independent testing authority AV-TEST Labs has just posted the results from its most recent Android security rundown. Of the 41 apps they tested, 7 posted detection scores above 90%: Avast!, Dr. Web Antivirus Light, F-Secure Mobile Security, IKARUS LITE, Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite, Lookout, and Zoner Antivirus Free. Other big-name apps performed well, too, but couldn’t break the 90% barrier. They include Norton, ESET, AVG, BitDefender, Trend Micro, McAfee and the Vipre Mobile Beta. "

MAR 6 2012
"Most Android anti-virus products don't work, of the 41 products, only seven scanners, from Avast, F-Secure, Lookout, Kaspersky, Ikarus, Dr. Web and Zoner, detected more than 90 percent of Android malware."

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If you suspect that a file might be infected and you thus want to determine what a given program is doing, you can send a file for us to analyze. We will evaluate the given program's behavior and send you back detailed results.