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The program core has a modern design, contains a state-of-the-art code emulator, and boasts a unique heuristic analyzer, designed precisely to meet the threats of today.

Zoner AntiVirus in media - year 2011

Dec 12 2011  ConsumerSearch Productopia
"Shield your Android smartphone from malware with these four security tips."

Dec 1 2011  Android Smart Japan
"BEST ANTIVIRUS 2012, Zoner AntiVirus Free placed at 2nd position."

Nov 15 2011  cnet
"Zoner AntiVirus Free again took top place, detecting 8 out of the 10 malicious apps that tried to install themselves."

Nov 15 2011  Tom's Guide
"Zoner AntiVirus Free by Zoner gave the best performance, detecting 8 out of 10 malware upon installation, and 55 out of 172 during a manual scan. That's right: that was the best performance out of seven free anti-malware apps."

Nov 15 2011  Droid Xpert
"The best free antivirus (Zoner Antivirus Free) detected 32% *inactive* samples...and detected 80% of samples in real-time; in other words, 8 of the 10."

Nov 14 2011  The Register
"Tests by antivirus testing lab revealed that the best freebie Android anti-virus scanner, Zoner Antivirus, caught 32 per cent of 160 recent Android threats."

Nov 14 2011  ZDNet Asia
"According to a study released last Thursday, German security institute AV-Test said out of the seven popular free antivirus it tested-...-only Zoner AntiVirus Free achieved a "respectable result" in detecting 8 of 10 malware samples."

Nov 14 2011
"The best free antivirus (Zoner Antivirus Free) detected 32% *inactive* samples...The important aspect is the realtime protection - for that the report clearly states that Zoner Antivirus Free detected 80% of samples in real-time; in other words, 8 of the 10."

Nov 13 2011
"Even the very best test result here of 80% for Zoner with the installation scan is well below what is considered acceptable for virus and malware protection."

Nov 11 2011  InformationWeek
"Only Zoner AntiVirus Free found more than 10% of the malware--32% to be specific. Four of the products found none at all. Zoner did much better in detection of malware at install time, finding 80%, or 8 out of 10."

Nov 11 2011  ZDNet
"The best product, Zoner Antivirus Free, scored a miserable 32% in a manual scan and a more respectable 80% when it came to a real-time scan."

Nov 11 2011  InfoWorld
"The best performer, Zoner Antivirus Free, detected 8 of 10 malicious programs during installation, while the other applications detected at most 1 of the 10 malicious programs."

Nov 11 2011  BCS
"The report noted that the best free product was Zoner Antivirus, which blocked eight out of ten malicious apps installed on the devices using real-time protection."

Nov 11 2011  Virus Bulletin
"The only free product with anything close to a respectable score was Zoner Antivirus Free"

Nov 11 2011  GIZMODO, Australia
"The two paid products detected at least fifty percent of malware, but on the free side of the fence, the best result was for Zoner, which picked 32 percent of malicious files."

Nov 11 2011  Android Guide India
"Zoner antivirus detected the most in free with 32 percent out of 150. Most of the others caught 10 or less, and some not at all. Expectedly Kespersky and F-secure caught over half. So Zoner wins this hands down, if you want a free app."

Nov 10 2011  PC Magazine
"The best free product, Zoner AntiVirus, caught 32 percent... Once again Zoner AntiVirus was the only free product with decent protection, blocking..."

Nov 10 2011  PCWorld
"Most free antivirus apps detected 10 percent or less of the malware, except for Zoner AntiVirus Free, which sniffed out 32 percent."

Nov 10 2011  PC Advisor
"The best free app was Zoner AntiVirus Free, which detected 32 percent of the malicious apps. In fact, this was the only freebie to find more than..."

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